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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thursday, October 28th

Tracy sounds like he's back to being normal except he's not here.. I awoke @5 AM yesterday to Riley's call to run with Bina on the beach...Running pre-dawn together they must make quite a sight!!  I made my slug station (full pot of decafe, OJ, vitamins, yogurt, iPhone & MacBook Pro) in bed and began to formulate my ideas and write my blog.  It took awhile and when I’d finished;  it was time to eat.   After scrambled eggs with gouda shared with Riley...  I went to the office to meet with clients.  We are devising the game plan for realizing their dream of buying a little bit of paradise in Prunedale.  As Barry said, “I feel like we’re in a high stakes poker game and I don’t play poker!”  Luckily, I do.  Let the games begin.... Worked out the last few concessions for my 1031 client and we are in contract!!  Now the work begins as we open escrow...
Next stop:  Our Santa Cruz County Association of Realtors hosted Congressman Sam Farr and Assemblymember Bill Monning for a lively discussion about the dismal state of short sales, REO’s and foreclosures and there is some hope... Sam is willing to garner the forces: Regulators, Finance Committee members and Banking heads with we, the Realtors on the front line.  As Sam said, “I’m a fix it guy.” We all want a solution...  As we left the Association, I approached Sam about our favorite topic, health care reform.  I sent him yesterday’s blog. A few of us walked over to Michael’s on Main for dinner and more lively discussion constantly monitoring the first game of the World Series by the screaming in the bar.  Dinner was done by the top of the 8th and it was a major decision to drive home to watch the last inning.  I made it and watched it with Tracy on the line... each of us willing our beloved rag tag Giants to beat the Pros at home against all odds.... I keep telling T that the Giants made it to the World Series and so can he!!!!  

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