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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Today is Sunday, October 24th

Yesterday was Tracy's nadir (the lowest point).  After feeling so good, it all caught up with him.  He had a little pain at the base of his tongue in the morning which he brought to the Dr. 's attention on their rounds...along with a little razzing...Dr. Madeiros, a young, gifted, good looking Brazilian usually arrives at 9:30AM with his flanks...Stanford is a teaching hospital after all. He examines Tracy and they chat a bit. On the weekend, Bruno dresses down, close fit designer jeans, no tie or white lab coat and yesterday, the banter was about Halloween and the Stanford game.  He mused that he wasn't sure what costume he should choose and I suggested a Dr.... thank goodness he was amused!  Then, he went on about Stanford playing Washington State and I just couldn't resist... 'Go Bears!'  The ever present Cal - Stanford rivalry reared up altho' Cal's looking pretty dismal these days... well, I bowed to Stanford's superiority and Bruno was placated...T's tongue, throat & neck were noted and the pace was set to monitor.  All along the nurses and the Doctors have warned that T is to report any change, no matter how small, because of the many complications that might occur with this protocol.  T was rearing to take a walk after his platelet infusion so, off we went... strolling the halls until we happened upon a Tai Chi instruction in the atrium and we joined in... long graceful stretching and smooth continuous movements felt so good after a night on the cot... T participated 'til he was spent and then, sat down.  Tammy's Gary found us and then, we strolled back to F 033.  Gary visited 'til  T was tired and feeling some real pain... Lisa Clancy, the feisty little Irish nurse in her lilting brogue, clocked Tracy as true to his word and knew that the pain was real.  She marshaled the forces, put a 'NO VISITORS' sign on the door and reiterated all the warnings and restrictions.  The Dr. once again stated the facts and prescribed oxycontin for the pain, meanwhile, monitoring the progression of symptoms.  Now there was obvious swelling of the neck and T's voice was gravelly and he was complaining of pain when he moved his neck or swallowed.  An understatement that I was scared, Tracy allowed me to stay for a few hours and then, evicted me.  He wanted to just rest without me hovering, hoping that his catscan wouldn't interrupt the Giants game.  I needed to be home and after venting my fears in tears; I called T after every significant inning... His spirits are good... keep him in your loving prayers... The SF Giants are in the World Series and my honey is going to come home!!!


  1. Thinking of you two constantly - especially while watching last night's teach clencher. Those crazy Giants - pulled it out of hat again! Hope it cheered you lots Tracy. Anne Bailey

  2. Thanks for the updates Annie. You and Tracy are in my prayers! Hang in there! Don't forget to take care of yourself!!! Don't forget to eat and go for walks.