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Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday, Oct. 29th

Yesterday, was an exciting day... it was like my birthday... presents and surprises were around every corner, building up to pure pleasure...seeing my honey.  I reveled in the joy of last evening’s light bulb moment; when Sam Farr understood what we as Realtors live daily in the face of short sales, REO’s and foreclosures and he truly wanted to help!!! 
I believe that each twist in our paths happens for a purpose and it’s how we deal with that journey which determines our fate... so it’s by virtue of how we experience those highs and lows that we attain the next plane....  
....I awoke at 3:00AM this morning, feeling the enormity of what we’re facing for a long time to come....I hope for the strength to feel my way through and know we have the faith... Tracy just spoke aloud in his sleep “a big juicy burger ... yah that’s right... a big juicy burger”  and then, turned over...  I’m on my separate cot, trying not to laugh...
I digress.... so, yesterday dawned and Riley and I needed a walk.  With a sweater added to my warm ups and realizing too late I should have added mittens... Riley led the way... 2 bags later, a happy boy and I stopped for a cup or two with Jim & Linda.  Riley wasn’t satisfied so, off we went for another lap; changed the open house sign on my Granada listing, home to shower and face the day.  I donned my Giants shirt, orange turtle neck & black jeans and went to the office to copy, scan, sort, save and email the 1031 purchase paperwork and assemble my file... and on to Broker’s Tour to see the latest listings and revel in the Giants’ first win.  After tour, home to grab my assorted bags for the trip to Stanford and was greeted by a stocked to the brim refrigerator.... assembled dinners, packaged individually with instructions for reheating or cooking... enough food for weeks.... I was blown away!!!  Kara & Deb had prepared it all; Deb & Gary had delivered it and Michael & Anna, Kara & Dan and Deb & Gary had contributed the food to sustain me for weeks to come... the thoughtfulness and caring was overwhelming and Fran had brought Halloween candy in a wagon & DCC best wishes for dessert.  Tery and Ellen made arrangements for massages for us at the hospital.  The love and support is overwhelming... the cards and emails and calls sustain us...  thank you from the bottom of my heart... Thank you Johnny & Shar for your lifeline and your love and counsel... you’ll never know....
Each time I exit 280N at Alpine Rd., the excitement mounts...it’s palpable... I’ve got the drill down... find a parking spot... unpack my car, bundle the bags for only one trip, get a visitor’s pass from security and wallah.... my Tracy is just behind the final door and the game is about to begin....
We screamed and hollered after every run to alert the nurses to the score... pretty easy chore... strolled as victors through the halls afterward and were kicked out of the admitting area by security (Tracy wanted a closer look at a painting)... after all, a very tall man in a mask and hospital garb and his gal in Giants garb are always a threat.... we laughed like little kids and returned to our little corner of the world...  Tracy showered  and afterward complained that his hair hurt... uh oh... 
Tracy is our DJ this fine morn... Diana Krall does Joni Mitchell’s  “A Case of You”, Iz does “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”, Jackson Browne’s “Late for the Sky”,  James Taylor’s “Fire and Rain”  and Bob Marley sings “emancipate yourself from mental slavery... none but ourselves can free our minds”   and “Get UP, Stand UP for Your Right... Don’t Give UP the FIGHT”,  Clapton’s “Presence of the Lord”, Jesse Winchester's "No Pride At All"
Misty & T
Misty just told us Tracy’s white blood cell count has gone from .5 to .7 !!!!!   Normal is 11 and he’s progressing nicely...
and we greet the day.....


  1. ewwww... Tracy you scare me with those teefs!!! Happy day to you my friend! Glad to hear the numbers are lookin' good! Huggs... Deb

  2. OMG - just notice the blood bag!!! Too funhey!

  3. I see DRACULA today!!!! Funny!!!

    Awesome on the Escalting numbers!!!!!!!!

  4. I like that, a nurse who is also a ventriloquist. Making a S.F.Giants pumpkin talk is pretty good..........The Barry Bonds Pumpkin= "Uh, I don't need "the cream" but uh......it's just to make my cap fit better."

  5. Bro, you look crazy great! And you sound much better too, at least you can talk now. Annie, the bolg is awesome and you are truly a gifted writer...maybe next profession?? I'm truly sorry so many miles separate us...it sounds like you are in great hands and I'm sure everyone loves you, how can they not?! Miss you guys tons...Sis