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Monday, June 30, 2014

Today is Monday, June 30th

Amazing changes to this day!!!   Alan brought Riley home to us yesterday... Alan & Susan were sooo sweet and put up with Riley's frantic calls and crazy demands to bring him home to us... along with about everything I'd stocked his frig with...  anyway,  our boy is home and I'm so happy!!!  Stripped everything and bathed our baby and our bed...

To be honest, I was afraid that bringing Riley would be one more thing... but our boy, has brought a richness to our home... he needs to go and I need to go so, first thing this morning I brushed my teeth... Riley heard the cap from the toothpaste drop and he knew he was golden.... we were on our way....
walked into the park and then,  around the huge block... and Riley gave me a bag and then, set to learning his new "hood".

All together once again

Ok so, we're all together and it's hotter than hell but the good news is... T's back... he's able to carry on a conversation... no tastebuds yet but that's coming and we finally feel like we're on the road home....

Oh home... I miss everything about our neighborhood and the beach.... can't wait to be back....

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  1. So happy you have Riley back with you...man's best friend. Aint that the truth!!!
    White light, love and prayers always being sent your direction.