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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Today is Tuesday, June 3rd

Day 7 of Tracy's new life... let's play some catch up... Tracy is extremely lucky.... he's had a few bumps but we'll get through it....  soooooo

Last Fri. Tracy woke up with tremendous pain in his right wrist... my honey, who hardly ever complains about anything was in need of relief.  Lucky thing about being at Stanford... there's always a specialist to consult... so the thought on Fri. was that T's infection could be cellulitis again.  Massive doses of antibiotics, Dilaudin which made T ill and then, Morphine and by Mon. Tracy was hallucinating.... seriously?

I called T Mon. morning after I hadn't slept much of Sun. night due to an allergic response.  When I heard his disorientation and his pain... I literally, threw on a T-shirt and jeans, asked Alan to watch Riley, jumped in my car and zoomed to Stanford.... T was in his own world and hard pressed to come out of it... I was there to see that we figured it out...  T was seeing things with his eyes closed so something was definitely wrong.  The BMT team arrived, examined T and I asked lots of ?'s.  T had refused pain killers and been given 1gram of Ativan and apparently that was way too much.  So, adjustments were made.  I made sure he was given a shower and washed his back and his feet and brushed his hair.... made him comfortable,  ordered some food and finally acknowledged that I needed to sleep and soon.... called Deb & Gar on my way home and crashed on their couch.

Lobster dinner prepared lovingly by Deb, borrowed pajamas, new toothbrush and a shower and I was soon asleep again.  Today was a repeat but with several funny turns.  First thing this morning, T informed me that he'd figured out what was going on...and then, he told the BMT team... the IT guys were screwing around with the Cable and they were  enabling On Demand to watch porn and T was watching a never ending loop of stars and clouds on his closed eyelids  or was that a naked body????   Then, T asked Dr. Rezvani, if he thought he was crazy...  Luckily, Andrew said no, he didn't think T was crazy but they'd get to the bottom of this.... You gotta love T's imagination... and then, this evening T told us that when he closes his eyes he can hear a great radio station playing... oh boy!!!  So, today after his shower and a massive breakfast I'd ordered, T had a consult with another specialist who believes that T has the constantly misdiagnosed "pseudo gout"  and treatment would be a mild dose of prednisone with the consent of the BMT team and sodium levels would need adjusting... 'practicing' medicine and I'll be T's advocate...

Keep that white healing light streaming around our boy please....

More to come 'cause everything happens for a reason...

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