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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Today is Tuesday, June 17th

Tracy was not discharged this afternoon... hated to leave him this evening... one month today, he's been at Stanford and he's very tired of it all...

All T's counts have been coming up EXCEPT for the all important ANC (absolute neutraphil count )  so, this afternoon T received a Neupogen shot.  I spent the afternoon and early evening with him - made sure he took a shower and washed his back and dried him, especially his swollen feet.  He's so dejected... I cuddled with him and told him he'd soon be 'home' with me in our Palo Alto respite... and then, in a week or so, our Riley would join us.

Poor guy can't see beyond this point but we'll get there...

I am sooo thankful for all your thoughts, love, support and white light streaming....

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