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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Today is Wednesday, June 18th

D Day for our T...  finally released this evening... oh yah after I rushed to be there close to 3,  begged to be able to double park at the cancer center while I picked up all his meds at the Walgreens and then, on to the main hospital to meet with the dietitians, another Dr. to go over the watch list, the pharmacist to go over the meds and then, finally I went to get my car.... then, I sat in front of the hospital for an hour waiting for T to be transported to the front door... guess they forgot to mention that he was going to have an x-ray before he could leave... duh!!!   sorry I'm venting...

Anyway, I have to say it's really wonderful to be here!!!!  Jayne delivered my pillows ( I seem to have a thing about leaving pillows ) and helped me put T's side of the bed together... we also adjusted all his handicapped paraphernalia for his height and then, we settled in... small dinner and T is now asleep and I'm close...

Our T is on the way back and we have a 9AM call at the ITA... oh boy!!!

Love to you all!!!

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  1. May you both be blessed with loving rest and relaxation. You have each other and are together!