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Monday, June 16, 2014

Today is Monday, June 16th

Oh what a day!  I'm convinced that my honey needs to be with me on the road out of here...  Life is all about that plan B....  I keep thinking my honey needs to be discharged into my loving care where he will flourish again... T's counts are down and I've been in and out of tears all day... I wonder about the angst and stress of last week when the direction was get T out immediately and there were no options for housing.... I think I'll have to have something to do with changing that process cause it's just not right.

Our short sale is going to work and my clients that are renting my home have found a potential home that just may work for them and Marilyn is going to take care of them... how did I get here?  and thank God this is the way home...

tomorrow I move to our nesting place in Palo Alto and I will nurse the love of my life back to living...

please surround us with your love and support and white streaming light...

Normalcy?  which way is that?

Thank you for your love and support... all comments are welcome!  and Tracy reads them...

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  1. You are almost there! Hope you get to your new "vacation home" soon. I'm visualizing you guys relaxing, playing with Riley and getting rested and strong. Hope it's a reality soon! I'm sending pure light and prayers throughout the day. Love from Jan, Tom & Jake