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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Today is Thursday, June 26th and T's 30th Day

T's day 30 since transplant.... awoke very early to T talking as if in a trance... he was awake but asking why he ordered Coors lite - which he can't stand... then, he said he'd had terrible recurring dreams all night.... said he hadn't had restful sleep.  Got him up, out of bed and dressed and all of a sudden he was walking and talking uncertainly... juice, sips of coffee and a slice of toast

very glad we had an 8:00 at the ITA... & needed a wheel chair... they're not liking (me neither ) how much edema he's carrying... his legs and stomach are engorged... nor his non-present attitude.

Lucky for us Dr. Johnston and Barb were there to assess the situation ... No more Ambien ( nightmares ) and doubled the dose of Lasix twice a day.  His counts (immunosuppressant ) are elevated so, they're stopping the Tacrolimus until they see us again on Sat.  Chest x-ray today to check his lungs - there's a spot that hasn't gone away & they needed to check his ever moving PICC line )  Tomorrow he'll have a CT Scan to check that spot thoroughly.

I worked yesterday while thankfully, Jayne Tracy-sat... last minute request to show my listing on Maciel and then a listing apt.   Traffic on 17 was a nightmare going south & for some reason cell coverage was non-existent.  Amazing to use the other side of my brain tho'...  

T seemed to lapse into non-presence yesterday... kept thinking he'd snap out of it but he basically, slept the whole day... doesn't remember talking with Jayne, consumed 2 Ensure ( Kirkland brand has less sugar so I've substituted it ) and a couple bites of a PB&J, plus hand fed 3 slices of avocado... 

Nurse Ratchit has a new meds dance thruout the day...  I'm a little fa klempt... worried, on edge... and yet thankful that I'm on duty... huh?

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