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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Today is Wednesday, July 9th

We've had quite a few very long days...  T's come alive with the addition of prednisone... he's eating again... and he's awake and aware and it's amazing what a steroid will do...  unfortunately, it's not a miracle drug and T can't stay on it forever... no one can.  The docs are playing with all his meds to regulate the immunosuppressant with the antifungals and antivirals and liver protectors and on and on... it's a day to day thing and we're on a Mon - Wed - Fri thing with an additional day this Sat. cause T is having a colonoscopy and endoscopy on Fri to figure out what's going on with his stomach etc.... Our T is back but he's losing weight and we're not liking that...

So I ended up at PAMF Urgent Care on Sun.  Kept thinking my eye would heal but it just kept getting worse... turns out it was a sty on the inside of the corner of my eye... and it just kept growing and irritating my eye socket etc....  antibiotic shot in the ass and a course of heavy duty antibiotics and my eye is looking much better.  The Doc wanted to know why I hadn't been to a Dr. since last Oct.  Silly ?
Don't ya think?

Anyway, today after a terribly long day yesterday... showed Maciel listing and showed several condos and checked out several homes for clients... back to grocery shopping, CVS for meds and then, making dinner and washing clothes and bathing and then, collapsing... I was quite under the weather...

I took it easy this afternoon after ITA and T made dinner tonite... wow!!  then, we watched the Giants finally beat the A's... Yahoo!

Tomorrow is a new day!!!

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  1. So happy T is eating again. I keep praying that the roller coaster ride will come to a halt soon. Keep your chin up and know we are still sending white light and prayers your way.
    Love you both ~ Di XXX