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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Today is Saturday, July 26th

Life keeps rolling along. I'm debating whether I can make 6.3 mi. & do the Wharf to Wharf tomorrow. Haven't been walking even close to that since I moved to PA. Sometimes I feel like I've moved to outer space. I miss having a regular routine, and seeing folks. Everything feels out of order.  I think I've become a control freak because I can't control anything.  I'd like something to settle out.   I'd like Tracy to come home.   

Bought a parking pass yesterday... make it easier to break up the day - in & out privileges and don't have to constantly search for cash... 4-5 hours at a time in the hospital is hard... altho' yesterday T & I walked twice; in addition his aide walked him before I got there.  I'm reading Jim's copy of Michael Connelly's "The Reversal" to T.  I read it already and knew T would love it.  

T just called new room #FGround 077A - 650.498.3037 - we're casting the characters for the movie - T said the bad guy, Jason Jessup, should be played by Robert Duvall... T's imagination is engaged... ha!  poor guy has been bored stiff... he watched the Giants lose to the Dodgers last night... 

OK... short but sweet... I'm looking forward... 

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