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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Today is Tuesday, July 22nd

Wow!!  Bought some sushi, Zero Vanilla Coke & Meyer's rum along with Clorox wipes on my way home from spending the day with T.  When did Ca. get so muggy?  I sought refreshment and now at 12:15  realize there was caffeine in that Coke... only had 1 rum & coke guess it was the 2 cans of coke... as T says when he sips his cranberry juice "soo refreshing!"

So let's back up to last Thurs. morning... T was set for at least 2 weeks... checked Facebook & the twins were gonna meet at the pool down in Paso... phoned Deb & Gar... leaving in a couple hours... I'd forgotten all about the Paso weekend but the ? was could I do it?  Alan said he'd take Riley, T said "GO", cancelled my eye doctor apt., threw stuff in a bag, grabbed Riley's food, flinger, dishes & treats and rode over the hill.  I'd forgotten Riley's bed so, went to get a bed for the boy and we were off....

Just what the doctor ordered!!!  ESCAPE!!!  I missed my T but I took a few days to just relax, be entertained... dip in the pool and salsa dance to Desayuno...  saw Elvin Bishop, the Fab Four, horse cutting, sheep busting, dog show...  Jeff hosted a Magic bus ride for wine tasting at the Rockin' R and we all had a blast!!! Carla, Jayne, Lou, Deb, Gar, Di, Mike, Terri and Mark... the usual Paso suspects...
Kept checking in with T and he was in pain on Sat... coaxed him into talking to the Docs and they figured it out.... change in meds...

I'm baaack.... washed everything in sight including Riley... tomorrow the car...

T is in total isolation... he's very lonely... had to gown up, gloves, mask... our guy has C-Diff & not sure about GVH too... hopefully, I'll see a doc tomorrow... T's very calm... I'm wired for sound... he's got his advocate back and we hugged long & hard... I bathed him and got him to walk around the wards... he was glad that his PT saw him moving....he massaged my aching neck as we waited for his room to be cleaned... which I insisted on even tho' the housekeeper said she'd already cleaned it... yah I'm not loopy...
Carla cover girl

Elvin Bishop

Juicy Jayne 

She stole Riley 

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  1. So happy for you that you had a chance to enjoy time with friends. Love the pics!!! We are keeping the prayers and white light beeming for T, you and Riley.
    Much love,