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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Today is Wednesday, July 30th

Happy Birthday my sister, Sharon!!!  I thank God for you in our lives... our family would not have survived all of the trauma without you...  I hope you take some time to enjoy your day!!

OK...very long day.. I've lost interest in everything other than my quest for answers... I finally spoke to the transplant team today.  I questioned everything and everyone and then, asked to speak to the attending outside T's presence.  I asked the hard ? What are we facing?  The worst would be renal failure... the best:  temporary issues with the kidneys and liver (since they work together)  exacerbated by all the chemo.  That's why we need your prayers, white healing light and positive thinking to get through this.  Tomorrow is the day for the liver biopsy...

I fell apart today before I hit T's space early this morning.  Then, seeing my man have so much courage in the face of all of this after all he's been through... I had no choice but to rally.  I AM THE ADVOCATE!!!   I am T's WARRIOR!!!  I promise all that I am and I will hold the powers to be to be their best...and your friendship and support to get us through...


  1. Anne Marie and Tracy, I am sure all of your friends, like me, are sending their very best thoughts and love your way.

  2. Love love and infinite amounts of God's white light to Tracy for speedy healing, to all his doctors and health care team, and to you!