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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Today is Tuesday, July 15th

Life is all consuming at times... like right now.

I thank God we've turned a corner and T keeps creeping back to health...

T met another transplant patient today and his story blew our minds.  R is on his 2nd transplant cause the first did nothing.   He had to wait a long time for the 2nd donation and it is a 9-10 match from Germany.  His caregiver came in from Kansas and he's from Sacramento.  He's doing his best and it was a wake up call for us.   Not everybody has a perfect match.  Not everyone reaps life....

The last week has been Hell for us... T had a very hard time prepping for his colonoscopy and endoscopy and then, he tried to recover.  The issue was whether he had an infection due to rejection. The biopsy results are negative but T lost a little ground in the interim.  T is down to 204 lbs and I'm bound and determined to fatten him up.  His numbers were good today after a blood transfusion on Sat. and lots of TLC.  

I thank you my friends and family for all your loving support.... we wouldn't be here without you......Exhaustion has become a constant but we're getting the better of it.  We're determined.

And along the way, my business has picked up.....  who said there's no rest for the weary?

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