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Monday, July 28, 2014

Today is Monday, July 28th

Today was a tough one.  I spent the day showing homes in Rio Del Mar and Seascape to 2 different clients and finally got to Stanford about 4:00.  I wasn't pleased with the way T looked.  He's got peticcia?sp. around his eyes and he's very logy due to all the water weight he's carrying.   In my opinion, he's been slowly going downhill since Friday.  He's maintaining a good attitude and he's a little more alert - he's loving the Michael Donnelly book that I've been reading to him and he's now trying to cast Harry Bosch... but he's now severely neutrapenic and very edemic.  He's trying to maintain a good attitude but he's basically zoning out most of the time.   We were walking Fri. & Sat. Sun. I was helping him swing his legs off the bed so he could get up and today he's not even doing that.

I'm very worried.  I asked to see the doctor and physician asst. came by about 6:00.  She explained that T was now manufacturing the 2nd round of cells since the transplant and was experiencing a low point - not unexpected but indeed serious.  They had introduced albumin today to try and help the water retention and help the liver and kidneys.  The protein would help the liver and kidneys to process the intake and not allow so much water to escape and flood his system.  T received his 2nd Neupogen shot tonight.  Yesterday's did nothing.

Please, we need your prayers and that white healing streaming light to surround our Tracy.  He needs all the help he can get right now.

I'll go to the hospital early tomorrow.  I need to speak with the transplant team.  I'm needing more reassurance and lots more info.  I'll update as soon as I have more info.

Thank you for your love and support... it will get us through this...

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  1. May love, light and God's healing blessings be with Tracy. I placed you on my church's Facebook page last Wednesday and many many people sent LIGHT for the highest good.
    I just now put you guys on the other one that has 2000 people. Here come that WHITE LIGHT.
    We love you Tracy!!!
    Love, Jan, TOm & Jake