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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Today is Tuesday, July 29th

Spent the entire day with our T except when they took him away for an ultrasound of his stomach and neck veins... OK I'm not the only one who's worried.  I just missed the transplant team this morning but we were visited by liver specialists and kidney specialists... all trying to figure out why he's so engorged....

Got him up and bathed first thing this morning and started reading the third part of Reversal.... visited with his wonderful nurse, Maureen- who gave T his shamrock mask covers so many years ago... Maureen is retiring on Fri.... we're gonna miss her.

So, the latest T will have a liver biopsy asap... but that's probably gonna be Thurs.  Because of T's fragile condition, they will enter thru a neck vein and go down to the liver to obtain tissue... this apparently, is the least invasive and has the least threat of infection.  I cross examined the doctor who came into explain the procedure... turns out he's not performing the procedure and I'm glad cause he's only done 10-20.  We want the Varsity team.  When the 3 specialists entered the room; I suggested that the liver doctor should probably put on some gloves and T smiled and said "you don't let anyone get away with anything, do you?" my reply " I'm a mama bear when it comes to you"...  when all 3 doctors left to confer after they'd examined T and cross-examined him;  I asked T if he thought it was a prerequisite for kidney doctors to be well over 6' tall... cause they were...

I'm sorry that they couldn't do the biopsy immediately... the OR is booked solid and T has to have blood and platelets prior to the procedure.  I'll have to keep us occupied until Thurs... looking for the next Connelly - Harry Bosch book...

Thank you all for your prayers and white light streaming... we need it!!!

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