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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Today is Wednesday, July 16th

What a difference a day makes...  neither of us are sleeping cause T is having stomach etc. problems.
Today we finally got the colonoscopy and endoscopy biopsy results:   Graft vs. Host infection throughout his intestine, duodenum and colon... poor guy finally knows why his stomach is so distended and he can't seem to eat anything without resultant issues.  So the cure?  Leave his intestines alone long enough to heal... Tracy and I were in the ITA from 10:30 until I left at 4:30 awaiting his admittance to E1 again.  Just spoke to him and he's still waiting for a room but they're feeding him intravenously and he's pretty calm.

I kept wondering what we could do to relieve his discomfort.  He was feeling so blessed that he invited R & his caregiver over for dinner Fri. night.  They were right next to us in the ITA and they heard the conversation with the doctors as they said he needed to be admitted... as I cried, R came over and bumped fists with T and kissed me... told us not to worry... just a little speed bump in the grand scheme of things....  T needs the rest, constant monitoring and IV feeding...  I need a good night's sleep.

Riley is right beside me as I write and he's happy that I took him for a walk before I started the laundry... and fed him lots of treats...  at least T is close...

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