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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Today is Sunday, December 1st

Good News?  We could all use some!  Bad News?  I'm out of steam...  So, thank you all my friends and family for the phone calls and emails!!!  Your support and concern are phenomenal.... but please try to understand... I feel like I've run a marathon and didn't train for it and by the way,  there's no medal in sight.  I'm going to rest at home for a few days.  Take care of business and restore my energy.

Please forgive me if I don't answer your phone calls & emails right away... try to understand there's only one of me and you're all important to us,  I just need to regain my strength.  Traveling is brutal and I hit the ground running.  Wrote 2 offers yesterday and drove to Stanford... today I went back to meet with T's doctors....

We have great hopes!!!  T is in good hands even tho' Bruno is still out of the country.  We met with the team this morning and we're satisfied.  T will need to start with a new protocol very quickly.  The leukemia cells that have emerged were not extinguished with the initial protocol.  Continuing down that road would be fruitless.  There is a Stanford trial that T will hopefully, be accepted into shortly...

With our permission today, T will also be submitted for the Univ. of Pa. protocol that we read about last year in the NY Times.  One of the Drs. we spoke with has the personal experience of having referred a patient for the study who is now CURED!!!!  We want in!!!! ... the new Stanford trial has not yielded very long remissions but T needs intervention asap and it will NOT preclude T being considered for the U of Pa trial.   Of course, Stanford will probably have the same clinical trial sometime in the next year or two.  Unfortunately, that won't work for our T.

 Send white light please and all the good energy you can!!!   Upon admittance to the U of Pa study,  T will have to go to Pa. and have T cells harvested.  Not sure of all the time constraints etc.  but we're going down this road with great intention and lots of enthusiasm cause we want our T around for many years to come...

Love, luck and happiness...  you know, timing is everything!!!

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