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Friday, December 6, 2013

Today is Friday, December 6th

The good news is T is doing well... his spirits are up and I'm loving FaceTiming him!  He looks great and I can't wait to see him...

I had a great day yesterday!  Lots of work related stuff- previewing property, preliminary study for a potential listing and great news that David's offer was accepted for a San Jose home.  I'm very glad for him!!!  Today I had a listing apt. and am very excited about the opportunity.

and then, there was a very strange call from a 'care nurse' wanting to speak to T.  After explaining that he was in the hospital and I could speak for us; she proceeded to try and get an apt. to 'help' us through this difficult period.  I kept asking what she could do for us and finally she said she could explain stuff to me.  I said that wasn't necessary and that I didn't have a problem questioning anything  (she certainly doesn't know me) I didn't understand and basically questioning everything.  Well, she ended up calling T and asking to meet with us.  Since I hadn't had a chance to speak with T prior to her call; he consented and asked her to call me to set it up.  Once again without speaking to T first; I went ahead and scheduled it for mid-week.  I've had a bad feeling about it all day, then, I finally spoke with T.   We agreed.  We don't need Blue Shield to get in the middle.  I'll be canceling that meeting directly.

So, with the love and support of our family and friends we'll make it through this and live to fight another day....

 May Father Mandela rest with the Angels as he so deserves...

Carpe diem!!!

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