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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Today is Tuesday, December 3rd

Timing is everything!  I keep repeating that mantra and it keeps on ringing true...

I'll admit it... I had a melt down last night.   I was pissed at myself for wasting time over the last year arguing or just not talking to my T.  What a stupid idiot to not have seized each and every day!!!
My partner in life was at the heart of it all... I finally slipped into dream land, realizing that today would be a new day.... isn't it amazing how that works?  we get the opportunity to start fresh every single day!  Carpe diem!!!

Frustrated that my dryer chose yesterday to cease heating...one more thing to deal with... after Adolpho did everything he could to clean the hoses... I put out the call to my network for an appliance repair man.  This morning before we left for the beach, I called C&N Appliance Repair.  Ken reassured me that he knew my Maytag Neptune inside & out and he really did!!!  He even had the part in his truck and in about 20 min. my dryer was back!!!  He's the best!!!

So, Riley & I set out for a walk to the beach this morning and he was soooo excited!  We walked and I felt the salt air renewing me. Afterwards as I was rinsing our boy off, I noticed his skin was irritated around his stomach and groin.  Poor thing!  Immediately into our shower, amazed as he willingly entered without so much as a backward glance... he smells so good now and he's stopped constantly licking...Riley is back!

I Facetime'd T and he's starting on the Itusaman (spelling?) clinical trial today.  Treatment has begun.  He's on the road back...

Catching up with some clients and then, I'm going to slip into my slug station and just plain vege.

CARPE DIEM!!!  White light surrounding us all...

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