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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Today is Sunday, December 15th

Lunch with a dear friend... seals leaping over the waves chased by dolphins... neighbors helping to  put up our tree...others dropping off food.. dinner made with love... FaceTime with my T.... I'm overwhelmed and scared... feeling lost and found... every day is different.  A new challenge, a new problem to be solved and the sun comes up every morning on a new day and our Riley wants his tour of the beach.  He stands for being washed with cold water cause he loves being caressed by towels and all the attention...  all these elements of any given day give me pause... the wonder of life.

I've been very apprehensive about the next step.   Tracy's care is all consuming.  Should something happen while I'm caring for him... if I make a mistake or not notice something important...  the stress, the fear,  the weight ... my shoulders ache already. ... Dr. Frank came in yesterday so we could ask all the ?'s we had and discuss the possibilities... thank God for that.  It comes down to this:  temp over 100 degrees - call the ITA asap;  next step either emergency or back to Stanford.  Simple really..  T has been very patient but he wants and needs to come home... it's been over 3 weeks and he's tired of all of it... but he walks and he makes friends; he deals with it all with such enormous heart... I love his heart....  and his courage...  life is truly about how you handle plan B.

While FaceTime ing T as we watched the game today... our glorious win over Tampa Bay.. Pat called to give us some horrendous news that I can't quite cope with.  Adolfo has been our saving grace... he built the art shack that T designed and he'd been helping me in the house for weeks now.  His beloved 18 yr. old daughter attending a special combined program at Hartnell College & Monterey was crossing the street in a crosswalk and was hit by a car yesterday.  She is at the Trauma Center in San Jose in a coma with a bleeding brain and broken bones galore.  How does that happen? Please surround her with white healing light and if you can help in any way... money, lodging for Adolfo  (they live in Watsonville and his wife won't leave her daughter's room) you will be dearly blessed.  Contact me and I'll set up a fund for our Adolfo... they're going to need a lot of help.

BTW:  As always any comments or messages are welcome.  T can't have any visitors cause his counts are so low but FaceTime is just like skype only with an Apple device.  Try it you'll like it and so will T.

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