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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Today is Saturday, December 21st

Catching up is hard to do but necessary... Wed.,  T had a very long day at Stanford as they topped him off with 2 units of blood, platelets and a bone marrow test.... release sweet release after almost a month of Stanford hospitality.  Courtney, Janice, Dr. Franks took their turns and finally at 7PM I retrieved the chariot and we escaped... home sweet home Riley awaited his daddy.  T was pooped so,  straight away to bed and dreamland with Riley tucked in between.  T had a hard night and I awoke and mobilized.  CVS & Blue Shield had to be tackled & retrained since our Alan had been charged for T's prescriptions and so I greeted Thurs.  After several phone calls, a trip to retrieve an additional pain med and a lot of frustration, Jan & Tom picked me up for Eddy's funeral in Livermore as T & Riley got reacquainted... singing home for the holidays...  ahhh....

Eddy Paul Pevarnick was a father extraordinaire.  He fathered Deb, Di, Gail & Denise and took in his siblings children and then, added all of we strays to the mix.  What I will always remember about Eddy is his bear hug and constant humor.  Everyone was welcome in that warm home in Cupertino and food and libation would always be shared.... and Eddy's ear would be to the ground waiting to help or humor... What an enormous presence filled with so much unrestrained  undisciplined non-judgemental love.  Eddy took us all on and we kept coming back for more.  never a complaint except "where you been?"  Thank God for having stumbled into his warm embrace as our world will miss his larger than life ways... "Eddy" the one and only has newly acquired angel wings.. may he rest with the rest of our families... we toasted him with a White Russian at the reception and caught up with long lost friends.

T & Riley home awaiting a late dinner with me...  unbelievable how that feels to come home to T again... T was very tired and I was ready to collapse as we climbed into bed about 9:30.  Then T remarked that his PIC arm was hurting... after a glance we mobilized.  Off to the Dominican emergency room where we waited and dozed until T was put in a room and we cuddled on the gurney.  T would need blood tests etc. but ultimately,  he would be admitted.  His PIC line was infected. I left him to go home to sleep as Friday beckoned.

T is in room 2310;  I went to an inspection of 123 Camino Pacifico, gathered all the signed disclosures .. on to a comparative marketing apt. and then,  the office.  Craving sleep but duty called... my poor T stuck at Dominican.  He's soooo sick of hospitals and Dominican just doesn't measure up.  The first thing I made a deal over was the wide open door.  T then laid out the fact he'd been ignored for the last 3 hours without water etc.  The nurse got an earful and we schemed to rescue him on Sat. with a visiting nurse to come and show me, the squeamish one, how to flush T's PIC line.  Home to veg and sub for T on the massage table... sleep beckoned but elusive until I took a sleep aid  and now the dawn starts a new day....

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