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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Today is Tuesday, December 17th

Our Adolfo's story as explained by Pat:   I am writing to let you know that my dear friend and handyman extraordinaire, Adolfo Ramirez,  is the father of the young woman, Daisy Ramirez, who was hit by a car in Salinas on Saturday night while crossing the street in a crosswalk. She is in a coma in critical condition at the ICU of the Regional Medical Center in San Jose. She has a severely fractured tibia as well as broken pelvis, scapula, and clavicle, but the major problem is she has a severe brain injury. The doctor said it could be several weeks before the swelling goes down, so they cannot determine the extent of the damage until then. One can only imagine the impact this will have on this 18 year old girl who was had just taken on an intensive program at CSUMB and Hartnell colleges in June with the goal of attaining her degree in Computer Science in just 3 years. She had already been approached by Google while in high school due to her already-developed computer skills. She is a true star and the light of Adolfo and Veronica's eyes.
 As you likely know, Adolfo is the sole bread winner in the family, so if he does not work each day, he is not paid. Given that he must travel to San Jose each day with Veronica, his wife, he is unable to work, at least for the next several weeks until there is some plan in place for Daisy. As you know, he has been the "go to guy" for me and many of my friends for our unending home improvement and repair jobs. He is an amazing man and devoted husband and father who is devastated by this event.
I hope you share our sorrow and sadness at this horrific situation. We know we cannot help medically, but we can help assuage his financial fears if we each could pitch in toward his rent and living expenses. 
If you are interested please contact Anne Marie for the information to send a check.

 We all know how helpful it can be when a bunch of caring people pull together at a time like this. It is likely to be a long, hard struggle and the Ramirez family will need all the help, support, prayers, and love we can give. We greatly appreciate anything you can do.
  Take care of yourselves and hug each other just a little harder! Life is very, very fragile!
Pat and John

Make a wish:  Daisy Ramirez returns and the Ramirez family survives this.  This is a very deserving family.  Love to you all.

More to share... Eddy Pevarnick, the Patriarch of the Pevarnick family, father to Deb, Di, Gail & Denise and father figure to us all;  joined the angels yesterday.  The funeral service will be 1:00 Thursday in Livermore.  I will always remember Eddy's humor, quick smile and loving embrace.  He took us all in to his huge heart and family and we will miss him dearly.

Be kind to yourselves and to each other... we have today... let's embrace it!!!

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