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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Today is Christmas Eve, Dec. 24th, 2013

So we left off on Sat.  as I was hoping to rescue T from Dominican... told he'd be discharged at 12:30, I huffed and I puffed and finally we left about 2 and T was free with a commitment that the visiting nurse would be by that evening to instruct us on how to flush his PIC and administer a VANCO trough to rid his infection. argh... and so the story goes...  twice a day with the help of PIC line extensions T flushes and administers the antibiotic for the next several weeks.  I'm so thankful that T can do this!

T is amazing!  He is ready, willing and able to do whatever it takes to live and his attitude is phenomenal.  I am trying to muster up all the energy needed and so far so good... altho'  I just read the riot act on a recorded line to the Walgreens person gathering the info needed for T to get his Neupogen delivered to our home.  I didn't swear nor did I raise my voice.  I just very sternly questioned why the prescribing Dr. now must justify to Blue Shield the reason T needs Neupogen and said this whole process is wrong and unacceptable.  Isn't it obvious by the sheer fact that the Dr. prescribed it????   So, instead of making it easy for a very needy patient, Tracy is forced to go to Dr. Wu's office everyday for a shot until Blue Shield decides to release the meds and oh by the way,  it's much more expensive for T to get the shot administered at PAMF.... duh

I digress but if you read my blog, you know that.  So, home for T late afternoon Sat.  Sun. was an entire day of football and T's first trip back to the beach in over a month.  We took it easy and T is nowhere near Riley's presents as we park at Platforms beach and walk to Seascape and back..  T is so glad to be home and reveling in the spirits of the sea...  I took care of business... worked most of the day on several deals, visited with Pat, pizza and finally bed...  oh sweet bed and peace...

very early Mon. morning we arrived at Stanford at 7:15... and T had his labs and then, we joined the queue for the clinic visit with Dr. Liedtke.  OMG!!!  I heard it... she said "REMISSION"  stunned we both reeled and then, T in his inimitable way, said so why do I need anything else?  Well, this is not endurable or lasting and his counts are still non-existant... what's next?  Chemo every Mon.  and hopefully,  Penn later next month...  we're hoping for entry into the Penn study after the 18th?  Pray hard, surround us with white healing light and FaceTime.

T wants to live normally again... so, stop by if you're well and not exposed to illness... and soap up and visit... my eyes kept leaking... tears of joy kept escaping... as we wound our way home with a stop at Costco for gas and supplies and then, several hours of work until a cooking frenzy forced me to make eggplant parmigiana and T's favorite Marchegian sauce while we watched our 49ers fight their way to victory!!!

Merry Christmas eve!!!

Love, luck, health and happiness!!!

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