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Monday, December 9, 2013

Today is Monday, December 9th, 2013

Very busy weekend so let's catch up...  I saw T on Sat. for an afternoon visit.. walked and talked and wished I could have curled up beside him...
T 12/7/13

Look at that hair

So T is faring well and flirting with all those wonderful nurses... During my visit Casey related that she'd walked in on T several days ago when he'd been freed from all IV's for a little while and T had Santana's 'Smooth' playing as he danced around his room.... our song... can't wait to dance with him again... soon

So the news:  once a week chemo infusion for a 3 week cycle starting last Tues.   Not sure how many cycles and whether T will come home at all in between.  argh...  
Naughty boy

The coast has been absolutely alive with marine life... anchovies ever present so, yesterday, Sunday, Riley & my walk on the beach was amazing... I could hear the seals from the trail... looked like Hitchcock's "the Birds" and the dolphins were frolicking amongst the otters and seals...  Home to put in a couple more work related hours and then, off to the Whitnicks for the Niner game!!  Good news: They showed up and beat those rascal SeaHawks and what a game!!!  Riley loved being in a different house and being fed tri-tip and assorted cheeses and crackers...  I was glad to be surrounded by family...  FaceTime w/ T was sooo fun as we all watched the game...

I'm off to show property... keep sending white light to surround our T and Carpe diem!!!

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  1. We love you guys! Lots of healing light to you Tracy! Hey Anne Marie - maybe on your next posting you could let us all know if Tracy wants calls, or visits or how we can be supportive to you both?? love, Jan & Tom