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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Today is Thursday, September 25th

It rained last night and this morning!!!!  Thank you T!!!  The rain mingled with my tears as Riley and I walked on the beach and we missed our T even more.  T loved the rain and never let it stop him from taking a stroll....ahhhh

Fired up the blue bomber after our beach walk yesterday and Riley was soooo excited.. until we got to the vets office.  Of course, they know how to calm him... treats!  They couldn't believe he turned 14 and had so much energy... such a good boy as he was given all his shots.

Dr. Wu's office is next door so I stopped to see the folks there.  Dr. Wu came out, gave me a big hug and told me the only way he wanted to see me again was around town or selling real estate.  Chocolates will be shared with his wonderful crew... came home, changed clothes and went to work...

I have a new gorgeous Rio Del Mar listing that is a result of my Tracy's referral.  T took care of this home and client and had the patience of a saint because he truly cared for everyone...  I've asked continually for T to guide me as he did in life... he's still very much a part of me.... 3.5 hours later as I dropped the file at my office... shed a few tears and swapped some soul stories; realized once again just how grateful I am...

Thank God I'm not leaving my neighborhood any time soon... loving being home... home is truly where my heart and soul is... this is my new normal...

"You can prepare for death but you can't grieve in advance."  Rabbi Howard Jaffe

The time to grieve is now....

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