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Friday, September 19, 2014

Today is Friday, September 19th

I corrected my grammar on yesterday's post - Kindnesses of our family 'are' staggering ( I was an English major after all)  and added a couple more names for Tracy's team... reminder:  Tracy's name doesn't have to be a part of the team name altho' I tend to like it... and you can access previous posts from the list to the right.... I'll also recreate the list below:


Race For Trace


Team T

Team McAvoy 

T time 

Team Popeye

Tribute to a Gentle Giant

Tracy's Troops

Racey Tracy


The Mac Avoids

Gary & Deanna Happy 10th Anniversary!!!!   Enjoy!!!  I remember the event like it was yesterday.. Saint Orres - gorgeous setting- beautiful windy day on the coast - most beautiful princess bride - singing prior to the ceremony pretty well with Gar until I noticed Jayne & Carla bawling and then, I cracked and recovered...  Tracy ( strikingly handsome groomsman) unknowingly seating Deanna's Mom next to her Dad (tho' divorced and detested by Mom many years)... great celebration, spectacular coastal location, fab food and loving friends... a weekend in Paradise.. don't have any photos at the moment (haven't unpacked those boxes... pics please? )

 I'm sure Gar & Deanna are creating new ones...

Love to all!!  Remember to carpe diem!!!

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