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Friday, September 19, 2014

Today is Friday, September 19th

OK, today was another enormous day... Ry and I walked the beach this morning... saw more neighbors & worked & exchanged my lockboxes, office and AAA started T's blue bomber and T had everything set up to charge his baby & I let it run on the charger for several hours... I can't tell you what it meant to start it!!!  Tomorrow I will drive it.

The amazing neighborhood we live in astounds me... dinner, cylinders stuffed with moth balls to deny the raccoons any refuge... hugs and love...

Linda suggested Race for Trace with a musical note in the logo which was also suggested by the Whitnicks... Jayne suggested the following plus a T shirt that features T & Riley on the beach... I'm astounded by our creativity...

Tracy's Light, Tracy's Angels, Tracy's Kin, Tracy's Tribute, Riley's Dad, Tracy's Music,Tracy's Tunes


Race For Trace


Team T

Team McAvoy 

T time 

Team Popeye

Tribute to a Gentle Giant

Tracy's Troops

Racey Tracy


The Mac Avoids

I was leaning towards Tracy's Troops but then, I realized, duh... T was a CO; served 2 years as a conscientious objector with the support of his military family during the Vietnam war... that just wouldn't fit our T.  So, I'm leaning towards Race for Trace with a musical note intertwined somehow and a photo of our T & Riley on the beach... whaddayathink?

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  1. I vote for race for Trace and the t-shirt idea. NICE!