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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Today is Saturday, September 20th

Riley woke me at 3AM to go out and I stomped my feet on the landing before I let him out to scare off any creatures in the yard...especially skunks since Ry has been skunked sooo many times in years past and to avoid the new raccoon threat ... cause that's what T always did before he let Riley out at night... then I was awake and still am... read emails on my iPhone and then, continued to my blog.  Read every blog back to June... wishing T would come to me in a dream... he's visited T's big bro, Tery.  

The verdict is in...  Race for Trace with some kind of music note entwined and a pic of Riley & T together on the beach.  Maybe the one that made the newspaper several years ago and inspired a sculptor to craft a leaping dog that we actually saw at open studios ( we met the artist and she told us that she'd seen the Sentinel shot... )  oh man...  immersed in iPhoto for an hour looking for the shot... couldn't find it so, I took it off the wall to shoot it... oh T you were so good at this...and I'm not.


Anyway, I'm gonna try to catch a few more zzzz's....

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