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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Today is Tuesday, January 31st

An intense weekend zoomed by while in the back of my mind, Bruno's words "you probably had leukemia for a long time before we diagnosed it" kept ringing in my ears... there's nothing we can do about that at this point but it keeps me on a slow burn. So, Tracy is going to have his head examined ( MRI coming right up) Sat. evening at 8PM... would you believe? It was that or Super Bowl Sunday. Now that would be taking his chances... especially if you ended up with a neurologist football fan... so anyway, we're thinking positively...

I'm exhausted. Between studying and testing out of way too many classes crammed into the last week and weekend, I ended up with way over the needed credits and finally the right mix of classes to renew my real estate license. Yahoo!! It's done and I'm done...(also reinforced my love /hate relationship with coffee- drank 2 cups after my open house to rouse myself for my last all important test & was still trying to go to sleep at 2:30AM) I drank Sleepytime tea and finally, was able to drift off by cuddling into T and listening to his steady breathing...

came home today and watched George Clooney play the candidate we'd hope we could vote for until the system corrupted him and everyone around him...and then, we both took a nap...

Dungeness crab call was finally returned in spades!!! Frank came through with some oh so sweet 2-2.5 lbers. for this crab lover... mmmmmm

and the week unfolds... My honey and I will resume our walks on Thurs. cause my day has started way too early to include our walks on the beach today and tomorrow... it's coming tho'...


  1. A & T~
    We still continue to say our prayers daily for you both. Sending brilliant rays of white light to you on Sunday....better get your shades on.B)
    Congrats on completing your tests. Wahoo!
    Much love to the both of you,
    Di H

  2. Great Job on completeing all you exams and stuff.... Whoo .. way to go! Get some rest! Give Trac my love and good luck on Saturday. Thinking of you guys and well wishes and white light everywhere.. Love Di