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Friday, February 10, 2012

Today is Friday, February 10th

I'm in heaven... I'm in heaven... this has been another jam packed week. Spent an incredible lunch celebrating CASA ... Court appointed special advocates for children yesterday with Marilyn Koll. Amazing that I didn't think I could cry that much for joy... I am truly astounded that this organization doesn't get more of the limelight... we were surrounded by serious players... judges, attorneys, leaders of the community and the rest of us that believed in our purpose... wow!!! and Marilyn lead this group for many years...

Life is what we make it and I do believe we see what we want to see...I'm so astounded by my place in life... I'm hoping to have my nephew visit soon and Im looking forward to loving my clients and our friends and my love mate, my Tracy James... Tracy's apt. with the neuro oncologist is the 24th.... along with Bruno and treatment... T's taking it all in stride and I'm along for the ride....

Live, love... happiness!!!

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