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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Today is Sunday, February 12th

Saturday was a full on work day with an open house at 921 Pelton Ave. one block from the bluff on the Westside of Santa Cruz. The only down side of the day was not having a potty available for 3.5 hours...now that was tough... but what a gorgeous day on the coast with the chance to meet and greet lots of really nice folks! I love open houses! I love meeting new folks and even getting to work with some as our relationship develops...

For the last few days I've had the privilege of walking down to the beach with my honey and the Riley dog first thing in the morning... what a treat it is to see our magnificent shoreline, hear the waves and watch the world unfold as the surf crashes on the sand... Riley is truly in his element and we're there to pick up his treats and relish his exuberence... to have that much energy and to be able to run and run and try and catch a bird or a stick or chase another hound dog is just truly amazing!!! I am blessed... truly blessed... I hope to keep doing it most mornings... after all, this is why we're here...

I finished "Tattoos on the Heart" last night. What a wonderful tale for today. The G dog could tell a story that wrenches the heart and forces me to look at my humanity... Highly recommend this book!!! but keep the tissues near...

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