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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Today is Sunday, February 19th

And then, the dawn came... work day Fri. and then, we joined the Reed's and Whitnicks for dinner to celebrate Deanna's birthday at Rumblefish in Scotts Valley... Lots of birthdays this month...Great sushi and warm sake and then, we were ready for Shawn, our nephew to appear... waited and waited... worried cause he was driving in from Tahoe and then, he magically appeared on Sat. morning. So, I'm trying to figure him out but it's very good to see him. Seems like he's powered by the everready bunny...

Yesterday, we joined Carla & Cathy at Raccatoni's in Morgan Hill for a wonderful lunch to celebrate Carla's birthday. What gorgeous country for the drive over the hill! It was great to catch up with Carla & Cathy until Tracy chose to spoil it by attacking me yet again for no good reason over the consistency of nonna's marchegianna sauce. I stopped the attack by getting up to go. I've had just about enough of that shit... the next time T decides to unload on me; he's gonna find his own way home... when he's not feeling well or is uncomfortable... he always chooses me for his scapegoat. No more... I don't deserve it and I'm not gonna take it anymore. After working out with Wii, we watched "The Lincoln Lawyer"..Good flick!

So, today I showed homes to 2 different clients and put together a comparative marketing analysis for the clients I saw on Friday in Boulder Creek. Home to relax and regroup and dinner soon... Keep sending that white light to surround T... we need it!!!

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