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Friday, February 24, 2012

Today is Friday, February 24th

Last couple days have been a whirlwind...Started out Thurs. by going to the county planning dept to check out my new listing...thank God it's all permitted and hopefully, I'll have it on the market next week. Brokers tour took me to a KB homes presentation, lunch at Cafe Cruz and tour of some lovely new homes and then, I held 25 Seascape Resort open until 4:00 for Steve. Checked out several homes for comparables to my new listing and then, to the office to do a comparative marketing analysis and start the Brokers Marketing Analysis... It was almost 8PM and I was about to leave the complex when I noticed Lisa's car was still there too....Since I hadn't seen her since the memorial for her brother... wandered over and Brooks was in her office and we chatted for awhile....I lamented that I needed photos taken of the house and I was going to be tied up at Stanford all day Friday... so, Brooks offered to take them for me. Unbelievable!!! Fate and friends are an incredible combination!!!

It was a very long day at Stanford but the good news is we actually looked at T's brain on the MRI... the neuro oncologist ruled out a lot of bad stuff and said the fluid that is very visibly surrounding his brain is causing the headaches and was probably a result of all the lumbar punctures.... typically, it would heal and the headaches would be gone but since T's immune system is compromised... no relief in sight. So, the first salve to try is Nuerontin in small dosage to hopefully alleviate the headache and some of the neuropathy in T's feet. Here's hoping.... keep sending the white light please... it's about time for Tracy to get some relief!!!

love to all!!!

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