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Monday, February 6, 2012

Today is Monday, February 6th

Surprise! Surprise! The weekend whizzed by with a full on work day for me, then dinner with the Reeds in a scrumptious Italian restaurant on Big Basin Way in Saratoga before we rushed off to Stanford for T's brain MRI. That was a trip! After parking for easy access to the Cancer Center, we found out that the Center was closed. So, after a call to Security; we went over to the Blake Wilbur Center and T endured a wait and then, 30 min. in a very loud MRI banging around his skull.... poor thing... and on top of that HE HAD A HEADACHE!!!

So, by the time we rolled home, we were both burned to a crisp... but we'd already heard from the doctor re T's MRI... they ruled out spinal meningitis and a few other equally horrible possibilities and we were relieved altho' we still didn't have an answer for T's headaches...

Sunday loomed large with an opportunity to show a couple homes and then, a retreat to our home for the Super Bowl... T was enduring another headache so, we both watched the game quietly...

Today T was contacted by Stanford and now, we're awaiting an apt with a neuro oncologist...and the wheel keeps turning round and round...

Keep that white light incoming to surround our boy... Please????!!!!

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