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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Today is Tuesday, January 10th

We awoke to another beautiful day on the coast and Tracy, Riley & I walked the beach in celebration... I finished my course and took the last series of tests so, I can now renew my real estate license for the second time.... I even finished early!  The renewal date is Jan. 30th.  Sometimes it feels like 20 years instead of 8 but in spite of that, I'm very excited about the new year and how our lives are unfolding...  my transition is happening very smoothly and I'm very happy I made the brokerage change.  I've got more time for actually selling real estate and enjoying life rather than chasing down paper.

So, since I hadn't taken any time off in at least a week... today was our day to play with clay.  Good news was before we left for the studio, Rhonda called from Stanford to give us great news:  no leukemia cells in T's spinal fluid!!!  Yahoo!!!  So, we're to monitor his headaches over the next few days... I cracked, "you may need your head examined."  but nobody laughed...  Anyway, we're very thankful for another wonderful day...

 Check these out:
Riley & the Mask in T's hand


we're very proud...


  1. I love the Riley dog!! Toni

  2. Great job on being and staying creative.
    Jeannette Shaw

  3. No Leukemia Cells!! Thats enormous NEWS!! Congrats!!!!

    You guys have done an amazing job with your claywork!! I love all the pieces!! Has Riley seen himself yet??????

    Love you guys - Di