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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Today is Thursday, Jaunary 5th, 2012

January is always exciting... this year even more so. With Tracy working his way toward health again and my new start with the Sereno Group; I've got to say we're a happy family.

T & I are walking in the mornings and most days that takes us to the beach. Riley needs it as much as we do and I'm starting to feel my legs again. It's interesting how weight gain creeps up on me and then, all of a sudden, I realize I'm as wide as a door... gotta stop that before it's too late so, in addition, I'm watching my intake and I've started working out with Wii... now I just have to keep it up, that's all.

T & I have been pretty busy the last few days. After checking on our tenants on Mon. we stopped for dinner at the Green Valley Grille (T's suggestion when I didn't want to go to Watsonville at all) and then, after a perfect burger & salad as we were heading home, when I said, " a perfect evening would include a movie " T said how about "Girl with a Dragon Tattoo" at 6:45? I almost fell off the front seat!!! Great movie and very well done!!!

Most of Tues. and Wed. I spent working my way through the continuing classes in order to renew my real estate license after 8 years in the business. The bright spot was working on Leo, the lion along side T as he painted Riley and his face... I really love playing with clay...

Today was brokers open and Marilyn & I roamed the county looking at some wonderful homes. And I spent some time at my new desk, picked up my gorgeous new open house signs and riders and called it a day.

I've got a rant and a story coming as soon as I finish this last class... keep that white light incoming... Happy New Year!!!!

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