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Monday, January 9, 2012

Today is Monday, January 9th, 2012

Keep that white light incoming please?!

Tracy had a terrible night last night... sweats & raging headache. I called Stanford again and they wanted to see him... so then, Tracy was adamant that he could drive himself... our stubborn boy insisted so, I spent the day worried about him while putting a deal together and making a Costco run.

Tracy endured labs and then, a lumbar puncture laced with Methotrexate... the fear is the leukemia cells have returned... think positively and carry a big stick! He finally got home about 6:30 this evening. I finally could breathe normally again. I can't imagine how he managed to drive after the lumbar puncture but he did it...thank God!

Found out a dear friend, Lynne,has breast cancer & her battle has begun. It's amazing how many people are struck by cancer... when do we actually change our ways and our environment?

We must!!!

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  1. I'm sending lots of pure white light for the highest good of all concerned. And love and hugs too ~ xoxo Jan