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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Today is Wednesday, December 14th

Christmas is coming and I'm living up to the old joke....totally unprepared...  it's crept up on me while I've been preoccupied with business and T...  I guess that's a good thing but I'm stressing cause I yearn for balance.

 Monday evening due to a senior moment?  I forgot about my book club Christmas gathering...  thank God, Pat called me when I didn't show.   It had disappeared from my iPhone calendar and I don't know why.   After visiting with Linda & Jim, T'd grilled pork chops wrapped in bacon, steamed broccoli and apple sauce and we were settling in after  clean up, when the phone rang... I'd just clean forgotten..  lots of details as I negotiate with the bank and other realtors.  The big upset was I'd been looking through a cloud over my left eye since early evening.  When I left Pat's & all our revelry,  I turned my head, & saw a weird flash.  I thought my eyes were tired... too long a day wearing contacts?  Anyway,  yesterday, the same cloud was over that eye and after talking about it with Marilyn, I called several eye doctors and was able to see Dr. Ray immediately.  It meant missing my clay play but I knew it was important.  Dr. Ray confirmed that I should watch it and be sure that in broad daylight, no flashes.  If I see that flash during the day, go immediately to an eye doctor.  Come back in 2 weeks for another exam.  ai yi yi..... so tired of the doctor apt. dance.  Altho' I really enjoyed meeting Dr. Ray... lively discussion of real estate and politics which made the wait for dilation fun... tho' the outcome is a big ?  I've decided not to stress... just keep it in the back of my mind...

So, this morning, I'll take time to play with clay before my meetings start.  It's shaping up to be an awesome week...
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Gotta love it!!!

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