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Friday, December 16, 2011

Today is Friday, December 16th

Today is a big day!  I've finally made a very hard decision.  I've left my brokerage, Bailey Properties, and moved over to Sereno Group after 8 amazing years!  Bailey Properties was a great ride and now I'm ready for a change... hopefully, a wonderful change...  Life is what you make it and when the opportunity knocked, I answered the door...

Last few days have been chock full of stress, elation, meeting new folks and decisions...  and then, we went to Stanford today.  Thank God, for Bruno and his tempered treatment.  T has had some pretty low days the last couple weeks including night sweats and his bout with shingles...poor guy... so, scaled back on the dose of Methotrexate and next week we'll see about the next IV Vincristine treatment.   T's numbers are lower than they'd like to see so, reduced chemo is what the doctor ordered, as Bruno boards a plane to Brazil for the holiday... and we thank God we will celebrate another together.

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