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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Today is Tuesday, December 6th

It's been a weird couple days.  Niners clinched the division for the first time in 9 years!!! Yahoo!!!  Of course they did...we had our T shirts on.  Great open house at Angora Lane on Sat.  I have 2 new clients interested in writing an offer on Angora Lane.  Yahoo!!!  Also, several people are interested in Granada Dr.  So, biz is good.  My concern?  My honey... T has been down all weekend...  His shingles are very painful and uncomfortable and I'm just plain scared.

I've forgotten what it feels like to be scared about him being ill.  I almost forgot he was ill.  I'm remembering...

Yesterday, I went over the hill to see my client's Palo Alto home and check on my San Jose listing after the storm... little did I know my rider was broken into a million pieces and the Brokerage sign was lying on the ground with a corner cleanly broken off.  It was a simple process to fix it... find a store with super glue and make the tear go away.  That was it...

Today was a day where I got to play with clay... painted glaze on Oscar... ran home, showered and changed and met my client at Angora Lane.  On to the Bailey Christmas party...  and then, home to my honey...  good night all...  keep that white light surrounding us please...


  1. sorry to hear T is not feeling good.
    Thoughts and Prayers flying your way, for a quick recovery. Until then take it slow.

    Jeannette Shaw
    thinking of You and T

  2. Hope things are in the uphill mode.. Thinking of you guys and Hoping Tracy is feeling better....Just tell him the niners will kick ass on Monday beating the Steelers and he will be all better real fast!!! ... Love you guy's have a nice weekend.... I still need to send pic from ThanksG. Mike did somthing to the camera pics are yellow... I need to play with it.. just have not had time ... Hi Riley!!!! Love Di