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Monday, December 19, 2011

Today is Monday, December 19th

Today is Johnny's birthday and I hope to celebrate with him someday soon!  We celebrated Jan's birthday last evening with dinner at The Pointe.  Great gathering!!!

The weekend flew by as I made the transition to Sereno Group.  I am evolving and it feels sooo good.  Biz is booming too!  Gillian made an offer and so sweetly wrote of her love for the home,  she may very well get it.  An offer was made on Granada Dr. even as someone vandalized the new Sereno sign.  We had word today that Brian's new home will actually become reality in 45 days!  All I'd like to see?  in writing...

Life is good and T seems a little better... with his first haircut in over a year, he is rolling with the punches, but as always it''s up and down... sometimes in the same day...  Today was a great day for both of us!

The Niners beat the Steelers!!!!  and in our T- Shirts we cheered them on...

Check out the gorgeous holiday arrangement my new broker sent me..

I'm a happy girl...

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  1. Annie, Congrats on your role with your new company .. change is good.. All my best to you always! Tracy got a hair Cute... SWEET!!!! That is fun to be able to say that... be Strong Tracy and I look forward to seeing you two next weekend!! XXOO!!! Love Di