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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Today is December 26th

Christmas Day dawned cold, clear and crisp as we walked along the shore...  Tracy remarked upon our stroll up the bluff towards home,  “ I didn’t think I’d make it to see this Christmas” as I bit back tears..  it’s been a very long year of pain, anguish, terror, fear and moments of sheer joy as we fought this damn disease and Christmas day was one of pure rejoicing...  We are so blessed. 
As we listened to songs of Christmas, we unwrapped our presents and wrapped ourselves with love... the whole day was one of deep feelings as we joined some of our extended family at the Whitnicks to break bread and relax... 
Tracy, Deb, Di, Tina, Mike & Gary

T, A, Di, Tina, Mike, Gary

Today was a day of rest... reading, crocheting, munching and watching “The Pat Tillman Story” got us both fired up enough to cheer the Saints roust of the Falcons right out of the park...  and then, the phone rang... A dear friend, Anne Bailey, has passed away  and I’m in shock... I can’t believe it... she suddenly took ill at Thanksgiving and it was thought she’d had a stroke... after a month at Dominican, she was transferred to Stanford for Christmas.  She died today.  She was a vibrant, lovely spirit with a very big life... she traveled extensively and was so warm and genuine...she made me feel good to be around her.  She offered help continuously this past year because she cared deeply for Tracy.... I’m so sorry I wasn’t able to say goodbye....
Once again, carpe diem reaffirmed...
Bless you all and good night....sweet dreams...

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