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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Today is December 29th

I've lost track of days...  ever have wifi issues?  ai yi yi!  The last few days were a freak show but thank God for Allen & T!  Between the two of them, they were able to get the wifi working again and T got the booster to re-start.  Yahoo!

I've been trying to take my online classes - for renewal of my Real Estate license - 45 hours worth and so far, I've found every reason to dodge it, including my wifi issues... I hope to do a little each day but if today is an example... I'll be cramming like I did in college...

Anyway, Tues. after making a stab at the first module, Agency and being bored to tears; I shared a sip & a nosh with Lila et al and a toast to our dear friend, Anne Bailey.  Wed. was another day of fighting with the bank over the short sale's price and trying to explain it to the buyers, who are frustrated... just as frustrated as I am.... finished the day with a ride over Hecker Pass to Morgan Hill.  GPS routed us to Watsonville Rd., stunningly gorgeous horse ranches & vineyards to the downtown area to celebrate Cathy's birthday.  We ate in a little Italian deli that Cath had discovered on the main drag and what a find!!!!  Delicious food and great company
Carla, Cathy, Tracy & A

Today after a quick trip to the eye doctor and a dilation;  I was given a reprieve... Yahoo!!! Nothing imminently threatening to my retina, so I took a deep breath and a sigh and decided to let it go....  Home to change and meet Pat & John for a drive up the coast to Half Moon Bay for the Anne Bailey service.  A beautiful home on the top of a mountain with ocean views, tho' hard to see with the fog...  I kept searching for Anne 'cause she would have enjoyed the gathering... I wanted closure... hearing stories of Anne's life and truly celebrating her.  Her daughters were very strong... their mother's girls.   May she rest in peace...

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