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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Today is December 30th

I've just awoken on New Year's Eve morn and realized that we've succumbed... the seduction of the ages... this night owl has become a very early morning riser and consequently, by 9PM, I've fallen asleep in my chair....  precisely what happened yesterday...

I awoke with a start and realized for some insane reason, that the email with the attached new price addendum had lost it's very important attachment.  The PDF was lost in the ethernet!  So, knowing that this was probably an early closing day for the bank, 5AM found me scrambling to make sure the negotiator had everything he needed. The buyers were traveling & 3 hours ahead, the seller was also traveling in this time zone & had connectivity problems, tho' he was finally able to email the digitally signed doc very late at night.  Oh no!  A new HUD-1 was needed too?  Way too early for the title officer, Michelle, to be in so, I redid the numbers and penciled them in.  Wouldn't you know that the email program didn't like the PDF & kept refusing to send it? The bank's fax number had been disconnected too. I finally found a way to trick the system by sending a jpg doc instead.  Ha! Tim, the negotiator, had a heart!  Murphy's law had been operating big time and at 8AM after hours of struggling with technology shenanigans, he laughed with me in a reply email.  I expressed desire for coffee, patience and a deep breath but Tim needed a typed HUD-1 (closing statement usually rendered by the title co.).  So, thank God, by 8AM, Michelle's assistant was in and redid the HUD-1 and after a review, Chase had everything they needed.  It was 9AM now and I felt like I'd done battle and could only hope for the best.  After a protein drink and some coffee, picked Marilyn up and we went to Harkin's Slough for a walk with nature... observing birds and ducks at play was an amazing way to calm down...  then, off to exchange T's sweater gift, market for a few food basics, CVS for meds and back home.  No word from Chase so,  I closed out my business for the day and the year.  It was 4:30 PM and I wanted a movie marathon... "Top Gun" was in process so, I watched the ultimate dog fight and then, hooked on "The Fugitive".  Time for a few roll ups with freshly made guacamole and it was time for a Netflix movie:  "Conviction".  By 9PM, I was fast asleep in my chair.

Tom was playing at the Crow's Nest and T & I were in bed and asleep by the time he started his set...

what happened to the night owl?

Eyes closed and I was watching that movie in my head....

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  1. Happy New YEAR!! White light surrounds you entirely for 2012 and on!!! It only get better from here!!! Cheers my friends!! XXOO Di