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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Today is Wednesday, October 8th

Life goes on and yet, I'm having a real issue...  had my first grief counseling today... oh boy, I'm on track...I drive home and I see T's blue bomber and I think, oh boy, he's home!  Short of selling his truck... what do I do?

I know I've already extended way past the allotted grief time; but what do I do?

Oh dear, I wish I'd covered so many more issues, but really who thinks about 'in the event of death'?

I'm missing the love of my life... when do I accept that he's truly gone?

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  1. Hi awesome Anne Marie - In my opinion there is no "allotted grief" time. It takes as long as it takes. More like many months or years. It's only been a few weeks. I send you love and pure light for sacred grieving in its perfect timing. May you have the comfort and grace of the angels in this time. Love, Jan