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Friday, October 17, 2014

Today is Friday, October 17th

25 years ago today the Loma Prieta Earthquake rocked our world.  Everyone remembers where they were at 5:04 PM... Tracy was in the Cupertino library and was fortunate he had just walked out of the stacks and was uninjured (we hadn't met yet.. Ha )... I was in my room in Ann Arbor, Michigan after a full day at the Univ of Michigan School of Bus. Admin. HR Executive Program watching the third  game of the World Series - Battle of the Bay- the Oakland A's vs the SF Giants when the screen went black...  working for Apple at the time and trying to reach anyone to find out if they were still on this plain....

Flash forward to 2010 and Tracy had just begun the chemical onslaught and the SF Giants & the SF 49ers kept him going.... "if they could do it so could he"  his slogan

Flash forward to today and I thank God for my dear friends!!!  I've been quite lost the last week or so...talking, crying, sobbing, reminiscing... just barely coping and then, today Judy took me to Refuge, the Carmel spa that is just about the closest we're ever gonna get to Heaven on earth.  OMG!!!  Peaceful, serene, relaxing and so soothing...

I'm baack... as I immersed myself and stared at the clouds... I finally got that there will be days where I will breathe in and out and not cry and Tracy smiled...

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