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Monday, October 20, 2014

Today is Monday, October 20th, 2014

The other shoe dropped... Autopsy results today... the cure killed our T.  As suspected results concluded... no leukemia in his system when our T breathed his last breath, but his liver failed due to clinical trial INOTUSAMAB plus all the fucking chemo damage to his liver... warned of the side effect;  T made the decision, the only decision to hope for life... it was 50/50 that the bone marrow transplant would be the answer and now we live with the down side of the 50/50...

I'm beside myself with the loss of my love... today I set the record straight... the 'social worker' Joanne Asano was there occupying a seat and the BMT leader Andrew Razvani related the results. Andrew was the compassionate leader who spoke with our T and listened when T said he was soo tired of hurting... and finally, T accepted morphine to ease the pain.

I finally had a chance to tell the patient's side of all of this... I must say it felt good to express my dissatisfaction with certain aspects of our treatment - the social workers 'help', the cancellation of liver biopsy due to liver cirrhosis and then, ultimately, gratitude for the love and support of nurses and physicians assistants care.  I had the opportunity to clear the slate.  I need to write a letter to Stanford now, too... it's important and T would expect no less.

Weird thing... I spoke with Stanford and Blue Shield today re a bill I was sent for several hundred $$ way after our deductible had been met and Tracy was actually in the hospital.  BS contended that the CT scan and radiologist were out of network providers as I questioned their sanity.  I then called Stanford back.  They wanted a copy of the death certificate... WTF???  I replied that T died in the hospital and did they realize I lost my husband?  I told them they could pound sand before I paid this bill and that after a $26K premium which included an $8K deductible they'd been paid all they would get out of this stone.

And then, this evening I received a text telling me that my business credit card had been compromised.

I was ready for home and my Riley.... rest now...  I need to heal...

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