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Monday, October 27, 2014

Today is Monday, October 27th

I gave myself the weekend to indulge my grief... awoke to rain on Sat. and decided that was as good an excuse as any to stay in bed and finish my book... then, on to the couch to watch 2 movies... The Normal Heart and Behind the Candelabra... I guess it was time to mourn for Cenz again too.  The 2 movies had been here a month.  I missed my guys and allowed myself the time and space and thank God,  then, the Giants gave us something to cheer for... Go Giants!!!  Tracy is up there cheering too!

Sunday was a beautiful day... the beach was gorgeous and then, I headed down to our rentals to meet a roofing contractor... One of the homes that Tracy lovingly restored is a mess.  I gave the tenants a 60 day notice to get out last Sun.  They never bothered to tell me that the roof had an issue either.  Our bad that we hadn't done an inspection in several years.  The lease expired last Dec. while Tracy was in the hospital fighting to get back to remission.  So, now I'm faced with getting them out and doing a huge fix up.  The other house's water heater decided to implode last week and the microwave/fan died.  Ai yi yi!!!  When it rains, it pours.... Ha!!!

So, my chief complaint is that the 1st roofer sent me an estimate today which was simply outrageous. Apparently, he thinks that since I'm female, I'm stupid.  Let's see what the 2 roofers tomorrow come up with.  

I must say outrage feels better than where I've been lately.  

I also know I'm taking steps... baby steps but steps none the less.  

I'm on the right side of the dirt....

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