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Friday, November 14, 2014

Today is Friday, November 14th

well, this is when Tracy used to rein me in & tell me to think before I committed.  I think I jumped the gun. I'm in the middle of evicting the horrible tenants that have run rampant in our rental & destroyed Tracy's work.  Then comes our 19th anniversary, the first one without T. Thanksgiving without T and then his Memorial all in one week.  Am I nuts? I came up with 106 names.  I haven't called Toni & Tery although I doubt they'd be able to make it. So, what am I to do?  Tracy where are you when I need to seriously discuss this.

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  1. Hi Anne Marie - I am sending lots of pure white light for you and all you have going on. I trust you will find the most optimal right time for Tracy's celebration of life. I will be out of town Thanksgiving weekend and I am really sad at the thought of missing it. Lot of love to you!